Friday, 21 December 2012

Yuki's Memoirs Evaluation (Me)

Yuki's Memoirs Evaluation (Me)
Before I started Confetti I had already drawn a story board for when I had the time to animate Elemental Wolves and that’s how I would usually oragnise my boards. However I didn’t realise I had to structure my storyboard by the comic strip template which I had chosen a manga style as beforehand I’ve tried crating my own manga. So instead I focused it more or a manga book than I did a storyboard to be honest. It leads onto the second mock scene where the reader will come across Yuki’s past and his parent’s death.
I didn’t have a lot of time to do this storyboard because a few other assignments had taken a lot of time, as well as the two mock scenes because I wanted to be perfect. However I did finally enjoy drawing my characters in a proper situation that’s going to happen in the story at some point and letting loose my imaginations go. The first page I felt particularly proud of when introducing Shay as before I found it difficult to draw an older wolf compared to a cub, plus I felt when drawing their bodies they seemed ok and looked right. Personally I felt everything seemed to be ok when I was sketching this out but sometimes I don’t take a break from pieces and try to finish them, which results in me ruining my work.

Pages 1 and 4 seemed to be my best in my opinion.

Inking over the sketch lines was annoying and depressing at some points because they were rushed, I didn’t want to pour a lot on the background because, it might take the view away from the main characters as well as being time consuming. In few parts I had made errors with the ink resulting in prominent thick lines and even after inking the bodies or facial expressions it didn’t look right either.
This is page 3 and to me it’s the worst, the bodies of the wolves and Hiro don’t look great because I started to get annoyed at this point with my inking.

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