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Elemental Wolves Plot Notes

Elemental Wolves Plot Notes

For two of my assignments we had to think about creating our own story/ game (Story Development and Improving Productivity Using IT) so for both of these I still used the story: Elemental Wolves but in Story Development I had to write Faith's Backstory as a plot, whilst in Improving Productivity I had to give a plot more about what the game is going to be like and why rather than the story behind it. However after assessing both of these publications it became quite clear I didn't give a lot of detail about the actual story of Elemental Wolves which confused my evaluation partner and would the examiner.

So I created another publication and dug out Elemental Wolves plot notes I made around 3-4 years ago, altering it and then re-writing it. Also another problem was I had so many characters that played so many roles I had to make another piece telling people about the characters and their roles in the story. However this will be included after this publication as been published which shouldn't be long.
Beginning/ Prologue
Faith is running through the streets of Osaka giving a slight monologue on her personal views of herself and world, it ends where she comes against a bricked wall in the dead-end of an alleyway where the mysterious pursuers trap her.  The story changes to where we meet Yuki after him waking up in a secluded temple (give brief description of surroundings which are very Japanese orientated), he soon goes to the Dojo to train where we meet Dreyer the ghost phoenix.  A small conversation happens between the two until Yuki asks her to train with him- results in a mini combat where Dreyzer slaps Yuki and proclaims she’s going to get drunk due to having an addiction to whisky and sake this will also lead to another monologue with Dreyzer talking about how she died and how she met Yuki.
She comes back after Yuki has settled down to read a book and passes out on her best friend, Yuki smiles softly and takes her back to the temple in his room leaving the bird on his futon (Japanese bed) We then follow the wolf outside where he sits on a solemn rock that overlooks Crystal Dynasty and gazes at the stars where in his mind he watches Faith being chased through Osaka.
At this point the protagonist is captured by three characters that only play a slight role. These are:
~ Ichi
They take Faith to a Sekkusu house which is ran by two aristocrats who is represented as young adults, dressed in Victorian style clothing with a creative flair- a bit like Black Butler if a reference is needed. When Faith enters the establishment with Suso holding her, he lets her go in hope she will escape because Suso doesn’t like his job, yet he’s forced to bring in ‘street kids’ because he was once one and in exchange for not sleeping with random visitors he has to catch others for Madame and Lord Smith. Seeing it isn’t a trick Faith runs down a couple of corridors and bumps into a female who’s trying to escape also. The two have a spat and once again get captured by Ichi and Diane who presents them to their bosses. Suso on the other hand does get caught red handed despite Faith trying to cover his back and his stripped off his job and returned to the normal status of ‘slave’. Later on Faith is escorted to her room via Ichi and finds out the female she had a squabble with, Lisa, is rather much like her and soon the two become good friends.
The next day she’s dressed as a Lolita girl (normal uniform for slave girls) along with Lisa and is set to work in a corridor cleaning. Afterwards we go to Madame Smith welcoming a familiar customer who wants to use their services. The manager’s response to this is to pick out any lower status person that they like and to pay them the fee after they’ve used their goods. Mr. Goodfellow agrees to this and finds out he’s attracted to the main protagonist who in turn puts up a fight and refuses to back down to her captor’s demands, as punishment she’s sent down to dungeons by Madame Smith where Faith stumbles across 13 wolves. Before the cell door is locked Faith steals a precious key in which she believes can be pawned for money if there was a chance of escaping the Sekkusu house.
When entering the room, the wolves immediately recognise her scent, revealing to her that they’ve been waiting a long time for her arrival, however each wolf is chained to each other by  powerful steel shackles that can only be released using the key Faith stole.  Faith doesn’t believe in what they’re saying so in exchange for escaping the Sekkusu house and freeing the animals, she will follow them to where they need to go on the understanding Faith will be returning to Japan. After a quick agreement with the Elemental Wolves , they burst out the dungeon and make their way to the main floor of the house. Outraged at the mistake made, Madame Smith and Lord Smith desperately try to find the key before giving up and running away from their property which goes up in flames. Meanwhile Faith releases all the slaves there and properly thanks Suso who’s also trapped in a nearby isolation room.
The team take off across the streets and stumble upon an abandoned park where a withering willow tree, begins to sprout new leaves. A portal is then opened and the party are transferred into the realm of Crystal Dynasty where they meet Yuki and Dreyer. Yuki welcomes them and privately explains to Faith she’s the Element Seeker and what responsibilities lay ahead.
Build Up:
It turns out another Elemental Wolf who wasn’t present during the escape at Sekkusu house, Cai, is a spy for the story’s main antagonist Hiro. Cai herself leads mainly a guardian role throughout the plot,along with her ‘side-kick’ friend Hei Lei whose another guardian and also resembles a dragon used in war. Hei Lei and Cai find out about Faith’s arrival and quickly reports back to their master with the news where we hear a slight speech from Hiro. Again the focus goes back to Faith leaving a suspicion of Hiro  to the readers.  Akki (Demonic Elemental Wolf) is teaching Faith about befriending animals, this will then lead to Yuki announcing the task of learning how to ride Yangxin, the last Bloodless Black Unicorn. Turns out Yangxin doesn’t have the features of this equine breed and admits he’s an abomination making him turn sour furthermore, creating an instant hate to Faith. The girl struggles to keep hold of the horse but carries on trying.
Meanwhile we start to bring the characteristics of each wolf and introducing them slightly. This starts off with Hiwatari (Water Element Wolf) giving advice to Faith on riding Yangxin, Kaji (Fire Wolf) and Phantom (Air Wolf) begin to taunt the elder and succeed in annoying him. Outraged at not being left alone Hiwatari chases after the pair who hide behind Joey (Dark Wolf) and Tomoshibi (Light Wolf) who are talking to Fell (Moon Wolf). A slight fight happens between Hiwatari and Fell (because Fell is protecting Phantom) and this gets sorted. Hiwatari then leaves to cool off near a nearby lake nearly getting caught on fire by Kaji, the fire wolf feigns innocence and before anything kicks off again Baowu (Mist Wolf) and Dreyzer step in breaking things up.
Instantly the background changes to an oncoming storm where Hei Lei, Cai, Hiro and Star ( a horse) appear. Yuki by now steps out of the temple ready to defend the pack. Hiro demands they hand over the Element Seeker and no evil will befall them. Deidatei (Sun Wolf) sends down a beam towards the dragon which is blocked by Cai. From the temple’s veranda Sakura (Music Wolf) growls at Cai who only stares.  Hei Lei suddenly sets the temple on fire as tries to barge past the wolves who free Yangxin from his pen and the whole pack run off into hiding, leaving the guardians and Hiro to return.
The Elemental pack stumble upon a cave where Epona (Physic Wolf) and Aeron (Earth Wolf) go out hunting an return with not only food, but a ‘good’ guardian Kyuubi; the Rainforest Guardian. Kyuubi then leads the team across the rainforest and desert towards another rainforest leaving them with instructions to a temple known as Ryoanji. Miracle Falls is where the pack rests to take a breather yet unbeknown to Yuki’s group, they’re closely being watched by Jun, a green dragon who’s also resting amongst the bushes. Spear another dragon appears beside him sending a full frontal attack on the Elemental group after witnessing Yuki.  Without warning Spear aims for Kaji throwing him into the water, Hiwatari rescues the younger from danger along with Akki, Phantom, Deidatei and Tomoshibi who all begin to attack Seiteki (female dragon)
Leiko (Ice Wolf), Aeron and Joey face Yin (female dragon) Hiwatari then leads Kaji and Phantom to shelter as they’re the youngest but is blocked by Tsume (dragon). Yuki and Dreyer hold back Spear whilst Chi (Electric Wolf), Fell and Sakura square off with Yang, leaving Epona and Baowu to deal with Jun. Faith by then is attacked by a mysterious figure shrouded in an ebony cloak on horseback, leaping into action her and Yangxin duel against the other team using the element fire and of course Samurai Daisho* The mysterious figure manages to knock Faith off her horse and pins her to the floor. Spear realises who Faith is and orders the teams to stop fighting. The boy Itachi is ordered to release Faith and after an agreement both sides make their way to Ryoanji.
For a few of the chapters things go ok, Faith and Yangxin strengthen bonds and eventually Yangxin releases his secret of why he’s classed as different. Itachi falls head over heels for Faith who also learns nearly the elements except darkness.
The attention turns back to Hiro is already plotting a plan to destroy the Element Seeker and co. After failing his requests Hei Lei and Cai are punished for their actions and instead, Hiro sends out a loyal mare Mids to kill Faith, then sends Cai to watch Mids. During the time when Yangxin is showing Faith is old home near another waterfall they’re attacked by Mids and Cai, luckily Sakura was trailing Faith and keeps her safe almost sacrificing her life. During the fight Sakura reflects back on memories as she’s slightly dying revealing Cai is her sister- Yuki saves both Sakura and Faith leaving Cai alone with option of becoming good. Mids returns to Hiro demanding she sees her foal, Star, who was taken away from her at birth. Hiro complies with this and lets Star loose whose been brainwashed and corrupted with power that he tries to kill his mother. Cai returns and after seeing the scene between Star and Mids, she helps the mare seek refuge with Yangxin and Itachi’s horse Jenkins, whilst she goes back to free Hei Lei from Hiro.
At this point things really start to go wrong. Before a fight that breaks out between Yuki and Spear over Yuki’s betrayal to the crown and the massacre of Faith’s parent’s army, Yuki tells Hiwatari to explain to Phantom he’s actually his older brother. Phantom doesn’t take kindly to this and tries to run away from Hiwatari who physically replays a scene of when their parents died during their childhood. During that night Spear attacks Yuki on the mountaintop sending him crashing down into rapids of the waterfall where we see Yuki’s past. Two wolves find Yuki washed up on the shore and take him back to Ryoanji, where after he’s healed he tells the truth about what happened during the Great War in Crystal Dynasty and is forced to leave the temple, by Spear branded as a disgrace to the army of Hope.
Promptly Hiro finds out about Yuki’s disappearance and declares war on the temple. Meanwhile Spear forces Faith to relive biased memories that make out Yuki’s intention was to only kill Faith’s parents, yet because the protagonist is loyal she doesn’t the believe the dragon and stripped of her powers .
Before Resolution
After this Faith doesn’t believe she has the power to correct things and Itachi starts sneaking her and some of the wolves out during different periods of the day to relearn and master each element.  Again Cai reappears and offers to help Faith learn the Element of Darkness in return for seeing Sakura and apologizing for her actions which goes to plan. Finally after mastering power Itachi takes Faith out one night for break and admits his love for her, Faith being na├»ve doesn’t believe in him at first but thanks him for his help. Spear finds out about Itachi’s doing and imprisons him somewhere deep in the forest nearby. Faith and her pack flees Ryoanji to the lost kingdom her parents lived in to meet the survivors of Hope, after being confused by Itachi’s confession she goes back to find him only to observe him being tortured by Spear. Itachi refuses to tell Spear where Faith is hiding and is left to die alone. The protagonist goes to aid the boy and tries to break his chains admitting her love for him. She tries to break the chains that bind him but fails only succeeding in restoring his health slightly and staying with him a whole night.
Hiro gathers his dark army and heads straight for the lost kingdom, Cai and Hei Lei find Faith with Itachi and tell her she’s needed on the battlefield. However the heroine doesn’t want to leave Itachi’s side so he promises her he’ll be there to fight for her. She leaves riding back to kingdom on Yangxin. Cai and Hei Lei quickly go in search of Yuki with Dreyzer’s help. They find the wolf hidden in some catacombs and convince him to return saying it wasn’t initially his fault about what happened- which it wasn’t as Yuki goes to the battlefield, Spear returns to Itachi also willing to get to the war.
Surprised at not being dead he gives Itachi the choice to join him and be free or basically watch Faith die. Itachi manages to break the chains that hold him and escape Spear’s clutches arriving next to Faith in dragon form, before the battle begins. Yuki also appears by Faith’s side. Happy that the pack is once again complete the hero sends the army into war against her uncle.
Near the end of the war Itachi protects Faith from an oncoming death dragon nearly sending him over the edge of a chasm.  Faith being occupied at defeating her uncle goes to her lover’s aid whilst Hiro chases after her, she shields Itachi from death and is ready to welcome her own as her Uncle sends out a devastating attack. Spear and Yuki out of nowhere intersect where Spear takes on the demon force sending him over the chasm but getting greatly injured himself, whilst Yuki deflects Hiro’s attack allowing Faith to kill him using her katana blade. At the end Spear collapses from the curse of killing the demon and says a few words of apology, his reasons for his actions and finally the hope they can all live in piece before passing on.
The story ends with Star going to darkest part Crystal Dynasty explaining to the Dark Lord Hiro has been destroyed, hopefully leading to a sequel.

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