Friday, 21 December 2012

Mock Scene Evaluations (Charlie)

Mock Scene Evaluations (Charlie)

Evaluating Eillisha Mock scene
Immediately, my response to Eillisha’s mock scene was that it was a very impressive piece of artwork. The colours blend into each other very nicely, especially in the background. Her choice of colours brings out certain parts of the image, for example- The light blue background makes the fire on one of the horses look more intense, which makes it very good. The images she chose to use in the foreground have a cartoonist design which suits the background well, and the contrast of colours works nicely. My favourite thing about Ellisha’s mock scene is the background. The reason behind this is because I am drawn to the blending of the white and light blue which looks really professional.
My one criticism of the work is the horses (to the right) feet. One of its feet looks out of place, it looks as if its missing a hoof, and it just looks unprofessional. Despite this, an amazing piece of work you should be really proud of!
Feedback by:
Charlie Cammack

Evaluating Eillisha’s mock scene
From this artwork, I have realised that Eillisha can produce an amazing piece of art work, quite easily. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Eillisha produce a stunning work of art, but in this case it’s my favourite. Despite the fact I’m not a fan of blood, in this picture I find myself drawn to the pile of blood underneath the wolf corpse and on his neck. I think you got the colour tone just right for the blood, and I love the contrast of red grey and black you have in the blood. It makes it look very realistic and suits the picture’s style as whole really well. The blurred background adds to the intensity of the corpse and makes us focus on the more important parts of the picture, as sometimes we can get distracted by the background, but not in this case. It makes us focus on the facial expression of the animal towards the top of the picture. The expression on this face is very evocative and emotive, especially in their eyes. So you have done this very well, and paid attention to detail. I can’t see anything to fault in this art work, it’s amazing! I am very impressed and it was a pleasure reviewing your mock scene!
Feedback received by Charlie Cammack

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