Friday, 21 December 2012

Plot For My Game Evaluation

Plot For My Game Evaluation
Evaluating Eillisha’s Plot
Reading Eillisha’s plot was a very enjoyable process, it had a great storyline which made it a fun read, really creative character names and a very unique plot which I had never really seen used before which I give a lot of praise for. Eillishas actual writing style is also very unique and elegant as her varied used of vocabulary really gives the story a more interesting and sophisticated tone which ultimately makes her writing sound a lot more professional.
The plot itself started off reasonable simple to understand, but as it progressed it got a lot more complex and at some points I found myself reading a sentence 3 times just to make sure I understood it properly. I think this is due to the fact that Ellisha has so many different character names and roles and it is very easy to get confused with who is who and what role they play- especially when a plot is so short.
Furthermore, We aren’t introduced into the main protagonists name until the 3rd paragraph, when we are initially informed about her in the very first, I got very confused at this point and had to re- read all 3 paragraphs, incase I had missed something out.
Despite this, Eillisha has a very praise able and likeable writing style which i think really shines out in her work, and the plot itself is an enjoyable read, but I think you have too many characters in it at the moment. I also really liked the idea of the added feature where you can battle against other characters. This feature will make you game appeal to a more varied audience, maximising profits so I think this feature is something you should definitely develop and include as I would defiantly play these feature because it sounds like it would appeal to me.
So in conclusion, a few more tweaks on the characters and plot, your writing style is excellent and i would recommend further development of the added features.  Great job
Evaluated by Charlie Cammack

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