Friday, 21 December 2012

My Evaluations for Charlie

My Evaluations for Charlie
At Confetti we were given a number that will pair us up with our evaluation partners for life. My evaluation partner is Charlie Cammack who has recetly been assessing my work throughout our Improving Productivity Assignment.
I did evaluate his comic strip however that publication is on college's computer so in this post I'll be posting my evaluations on his mock scene and storyboard.
Mock Scene
At first I thought Charlie was having a joke by saying this was his because it looks amazing and completely real, something you would find to advertise a James Bond movie. Charlie really out done himself on this piece especially for photo manipulation processes as they’re really hard to contain multiple images from different pieces, onto one image and make them all look as though they belong there.
Ok with each image I can see it’s been cut out quite neatly from its original picture using the softer brush to make the image look as though it blends into the background- job well done! What I would suggest is maybe make sure you don’t go over the edges and into the actual image, if it helps use the magic wand tool.
Your shadowing is truly amazing and fits the image brilliantly and doesn’t look messy which is what you need and by the looks of it, you created the mist on a separate layer to shroud the city which is completely brilliant! However on the parachute instead of it being all black let a bit of the sides have some colour because the light would slightly get to that.
The typography in the corner is good and fits well with the theme being a secret mission/ war game. It doesn’t take away any focus from the main imaes but sets the mood for the audience- hence why I thought this was a real picture used to advertise a James Bond movie.
In my opinon I think you’ve done an amazing job Charlie, and you should be very proud of this piece as it looks perfectly real.
Evaluated by Eillisha Buccheri GS12-1
Charlie’s imagination shone through this piece as well as his effective Photoshop skills of blending colours and using different brush tools for the grass and fire. For the backdrop colours you can see he’s used the tone tool for this picking colours that will peacefully blend together to make a night or day backdrop without using too many colours. Another good thing is he seems to have a steady hand when using Bamboo Tablet software which is essential for digital art.
However the fires could be a little more effective by using different tones of oranges, reds and yellows and changing the opacity levels, or by easily using cloud brushes if you don’t feel comfortable with opacity. For keeping the line art on show so it’s possibly easier to colour the images in, draw the line art on one layer and place the entire colour on a layer underneath.
From the looks of this it seems to be an interesting story and I can slightly grasp what’s happening, however I think if more time was spent on it and some speech was added readers would be able to understand fully what’s going on.
Evaluated by Eillisha Buccheri (GS12-1)

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