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Elemental Wolves: Character List and Roles

Elemental Wolves: Charcter List and Roles
In this publication I’ve written down each character that’s in the story so far and given a slight description about why they’re in Elemental Wolves.
o   Faith- Main protagonist in the story and also the Element Seeker/ princess of Crystal Dynasty. Faith’s job is to master each element the Elemental Wolves possess and befriend animal kind.  Her main goal to over-throw the evil king who is her uncle.
o   Hiro- In the first story he’s the antagonist known to be the evil ruler of Crystal Dynasty, however he’s more of a guardian being a pawn to the Dark Lord who doesn’t appear in this story until the end. Hiro’s job is to wield the dark arts creating fear and despair amongst the animal kingdom, threatening to kill Faith as he did her parents. He was supposed to be an Element Seeker and can control all elements but the darkness has tainted each power.
o   Madame Smith- An aristocrat who order for the capture of street children and teenagers (or willing adults) to work as slaves in her Sekkusu house. She’s quite young herself being 26 but she looks more like a teenager.
o   Lord Smith- Lord Smith holds the same role as his partner being 30 years of age but looks around 22. However with the Sekkusu house, his job is to finance and set up ‘capture’ plans for the ‘Catchers’ to collect more beings.
o   Suso- A Catcher but was forced to do this job so he didn’t have to be slave in the Sekkusu house. On the other hand he tries to help other people escape the establishment including Faith which results in him having to once again become a slave.
o   Ichi- A Catcher but doesn’t play a big role apart from drive the van him and his team mates use.
o   Diane- A nasty piece of work and the third Catcher, Diane is known for her malicious and hostile attitude towards those she sees beneath her. Her job his to harm any prisoner trying to escape keeping things in order for Madame Smith. After Suso’s punishment she’s made leader of the Catchers.
o   Lisa- Another slave who desperately tries to escape continuously, she bumps into Faith who in turn is trying to escape and the pair converts to sworn enemies. However when both become roommates they develop a friendship.
o   Mr. Goodfellow- One of the Sekkusu house’s greatest customers and tries to have Faith at his mercy.
o   Itachi- At first he’s Faith sworn nemesis but soon becomes her love interest. Itachi is Spear’s disciple having been rescued by the dragon, after his parents fell in the Great War. The boy trains in the elements (mainly fire) despite him not being the Element Seeker; however he also studies Spirituality meaning he can change into his Spirit Demon which is a dragon. During combat Itachi rides his horse Shun completing Yabusame (archery on horseback), wielding just one katana. In the story he sets about protecting Faith shortly after Yuki’s banishment and becomes prisoner to Spear for not following his master’s orders. In the end he has to break free of his chains and run to the battlefield.
o   Kushina- Faith’s mother. Even though she doesn’t play a huge role during Itachi’s lesson on teaching Faith to relive past memoirs, Kushina appears having locked herself as a memory and reveals to Faith what happened during the massacre of the Great War.
o   Zora- Once the great ruler of Crystal Dynasty until his brother Hiro killed him during the Great War. Zora only appears as a memory like his wife until the final battle has been completed where he congratulates Faith for her courage, bravery and hope. During the memoirs though he’s seen as a kind person until he forced to send an army into conflict with Hiro, before that though he rescued Yuki as a cub after his parents were murdered by Hiro taking Yuki the Elemental Arts. On the night of the Great War though he realises that his brother was after Faith and returns to the castle to find Kushina, his wife, murdered and orders Yuki to protect his baby before he dies at his brother’s hands.
o   Kaji- Fire wolf, the youngest in the pack and brother to Tomoshibi. He enjoys playing tricks on Hiwatari with his best friend Phantom.
o   Deidatei – Sun wolf, Deidatei is usually quiet and reserved in the pack unless he’s being threatened. He hangs around with Fell and is considered (besides Yuki) one of the oldest.
o   Fell- Moon wolf, a great friend to Deidatei but neither is joined by blood. Fell is quite the opposite to Deidatei being very sociable and humorous. However he’s more like an Omega being one to back up his fellow pack mates.
o   Aeron- Earth wolf, Aeron hangs around with his spirit guide a rook. In battle his weapon is a bo-staff made from bamboo but usually his powers are his main arsenal. Aeron doesn’t play such a big part in the story because he’s more of a lone wolf but works happily amongst the pack.
o   Leiko- Ice wolf, she always follows Aeron as she sees him as lonely and wants to be everyone’s friend. In combat she’s one of the fiercest using deadly sinister ice to pierce her enemy.
o   Baowu-Mist wolf, very shy but eventually gets used to others easily follows pack’s orders. Baowu likes to taunt his enemies in amongst fog leading them off cliff, into quick sand or drowning him.  Despite him being quiet at first he is known to be a talkative and deadly wolf.
o   Joey- Darkness wolf, even though he’s given the task of learning the dark elements he’s not evil; which another element in itself. He is a good friend being another sociable member but sees himself as everyone’s farther and hates to fail his friends.
o   Epona-Physic wolf, Spirituality is where this wolf thrives able to read others thoughts and sometimes catch glimpses of the future or other’s pasts. She holds strong bonds with Akii, Sakura and Tomoshibi.
o   Tomoshibi- Light wolf, an older sister to Kaji and keeps in close contact with Hiwatari after growing up together. Tomo is the most sensible in the pack liking to speak a strong English accent to make her seem regal, unless it’s in battle then consider her to be a tomboy.
o   Hiwatari- Water wolf, Hiwatari is Phantoms older brother and doesn’t reveal this till later. He weilds the element water but prefers to use his Katana his farther gave to him before he died protecting him and Phantom. Hiwatari appears much like Aeron being a lone wolf but is perceived as a cold, ruthless killer unless one of his pack mates are in danger where you see his passionate side- especially if it’s Phantom. He tends to mask his feelings in the hope he never gets hurt. As a younger he was asked to join forces with the darkness but turned down the offer.
o   Phantom- Air wolf, he’s the second youngest in the pack and Hiwatari’s younger brother but doesn’t know until later. He enjoys playing tricks on Hiwatari with his best friend Kaji and has an exceptional sweet tooth loving dango and chocolate mochi. During combat he protects Kaji who in turn protects him.
o   Akki- Demon wolf, Akki is very calm and peaceful in the pack usually resolves fights between Hiwatari, Kaji and Phantom. Her fighting style though consists of fighting with dark arts and Spirituality. Also she is one of the eldest in the team being a child during the Great War when most of the others were cubs.
o   Sakura- Music wolf, Sakura during her time on Earth enjoyed listening to many different genres and managed to kidnap Madame Smith’s iPod which she keeps charge using Chi. In Crystal Dynasty though she’s Cai’s twin and although not identical they were separated when Hiro’s army snatched away her sister and murdered their parents. In the story she does come into conflict with Cai by protecting Faith and nearly dies after using all her power, towards the end Cai reunites and the two once again become beloved sisters.
o   Chi- Electric wolf, extremely energetic , eccentric and friendly his fighting style is more speed then electrocution and proceeds to be the most flexible with his series of kicks, flips, swipes, bites and jumps. He enjoys Sakura’s company by charging her iPod and listening to the music as it reminds him of the Japan which he wishes to live in, being a technology geek.
o   Cai- Immoral wolf, Joey and Cai are very similar with their elements both being the darkness but Cai practices in the extreme dark arts called Immoral which is more the evil side of darkness. She’s Sakura’s twin and friends with Hei Lei and Mids who are also servants to Hiro. At a young age she was kidnapped by his army and trained in her element to protect Hiro and destroy Faith. However after seeing what damage Hiro was doing to Crystal Dynasty she flees along with Hei Lei and Mids to Ryoanji, then goes in search for Yuki with Dreyzer and Hei Lei.
o   Yuki- Elemental wolf, he plays a major part in Elemental Wolves. At a young age his parents were also murdered by Hiro’s evil army. Zora rescued Yuki and trained him in the Elements to protect himself, afterwards Yuki devoted his life to Zora becoming one of Crystal Dynasty’s top guards where he meets Spear. However Hiro seeks him out and in exchange for his help he’ll bring back Yuki’s parents, outraged at what happens Zora demotes Yuki to a lower status before Yuki leaves to join forces with Hiro feeling betrayed. During the Great War he’s sent out to kill Zora and Kushina but when he returns to the castle he finds out Hiro’s plan was to commit infanticide by killing Faith and instead rescues Zora’s child sending her to Japan for safety. For his sins he cursed with immortality and waits patiently for Faith to turn 18. When she arrives at Crystal Dynasty he becomes her mentor teaching her the elements, befriending nature and combat skills. When they’re forced to flee to Ryoanji , Yuki comes into battle with Spear over the past and admits his doings to Faith. As punishment for his disgrace and betrayal Yuki gets exiled from Ryoanji and the palace being forced to flee into the mountains. Dreyer, Cai and Hei Lei persuade him to come back and fight in the War of Hope to protect Faith.
o   Shay- Yuki’s farther who you only see in flashbacks.
o   Kida- Yuki’s mother who’s only seen in flashbacks.
o   Tsume- He’s more of a farther to Itachi than Spear and is usual found fighting with Spear over Itachi’s health.
o   Spear- Guardian of Ryoanji and was once a loyal knight of Crystal Dynasty. After Yuki’s betrayal and the rescue of Itachi he hoped he could resurrect the peace in Crystal Dynasty by training Itachi to be the Elemental Seeker hence why he doesn’t like Faith. Therefore he’s quite cruel to others around him despite the fact he desperately wants to protect them from evil. He dies in the War of Hope after realising Faith is fighting for the greater good and Itachi truly loves her.
o   Jun- A laid back dragon who enjoys reading and sleeping heavily in trees, his job is protector of the rainforest alerting Spear of any activity from Hiro’s forces.
o   Seiteki- A girly dragon that enjoys getting pampered, sun bathing and doing nothing. Also she seems to be leaching of the others, Seiteki can be very powerful during battle having been a descendant from a bloodline of dragons bred for their strength and cunning wit.
o   Yin- He watches over Crystal Dynasty with his partner Yang and reports any activity from Hiro to Spear. Although relatively small, both Chinese Lung’s pack a punch against enemies.
o   Yang- Very much the same as her partner.
o   Hei Lei-Tsugndra dragons are mainly used for war and battlefields. Hei Lei is the last male of his kind and was bred in captivity to serve the dark powers. He doesn’t agree in being evil but only does it as he has no choice, sometimes resulting in being defiant to his master’s wishes. He’s friends with Cai and looks after her along with Hiro’s mare Mids. During missions he’s clearly stated he hates Star, Mids’s son, because of his malevolent cruel behaviour.
o   Yangxin- The last Bloodless Black Unicorn, these equines were famous for their power and loyalty to their owners being born as unicorns or pegasus’s. However legend tells every eclipse a mutation happens and instead a kirin is born as a Bloodless Black Unicorn and is said to be a disgrace bringing ill fate to the herd. As a foals they won’t know what they are until they’re 3 to 4 years of age. Yangxin found out he was a Kirin at the age of four and fled into the wild so his parents didn’t feel disgraced. However his farther hunted him down and banished his son from ever returning to the palace grounds. He gets rescued by Yuki and soon becomes Faith’s horse after gaining trust in her.
o   Jenkins- A normal Shagya Arabian stallion owned by Itachi. He hangs around with Yangxin at Ryoanji and soon looks after Mids when she arrives. He enjoys jumping more than anything and looks after Itachi during missions.
o   Mids- A painted mare captured by Hiro’s army when she was in a wild herd and became his mount. However Hiro decided his horse wasn’t fast enough and made her become a broodmare despite the fact she loved her master dearly. Eventually she escapes Hiro’s clutches after nearly getting killed by her son and aids Faith in the War of Hope.
o   Star- Mids only surviving son that passed Hiro’s tests. He a paint stallion changed to the height of 18-19hh instead of being a normal 15hh. Star is brainwashed by Hiro as a young foal and separated from his Mum at a young age, now he plans to follow his master’s to the end and nearly destroyed his mother.
Other Creatures
o   Dreyer- Ghost Phoenix, during a migration for winter Dreyer was separated from her flock during a snow storm and was killed for her beauty. However she didn’t pass on peacefully and walked the earth alone until she met Yuki. The white wolf took her in and now she happily helps him in his errands.
o   Terra- Phoenix Griffin, these creatures are half phoenix half griffin and live mainly in the mountain tops. Terra however helps protect Ryoanji and follows Spear’s leaderships meaning if extra forces were needed he could resemble his family to help win the fight.
o   Kyuubi- A fox, Kyuubi meets Yuki and the pack after they flee from Yuki’s temple. He guides them through different terrains on the road to the temple Ryoanji.

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