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Plot For My Game: Improving Productivity Using IT Assignment

Plot For My Game
For my game I’ve chosen to base it around my story: Elemental Wolves which features a princess who’s a street rat in the real world, having to battle for her place in a parallel universe (Crystal Dynasty) to defeat her uncle Hiro and control all the elements each wolf possess, plus overcome befriending the animal kingdom and understand what true love really means. For this my plot will be a mountain plot because the story is already based on this and it works well in gaming plots.
This is because the gamer thinks they’ve managed to succeed in their quest but things get furthermore difficult as the game goes on, enticing them to continue and prevail against the antagonists. In this case they would have to control Faith and succeed in over-throwing the evil king of Crystal Dynasty (Hiro) in order to survive and bring peace to the land.
The story begins with Faith living the streets of Tokyo as a street rat, avoiding human company and men in general. The date and time is of now, however it’s known if any child is living on the streets they’re picked up by a group called the ‘Catchers’ who unwillingly takes Faith to a Sekkusu ran by two aristocrats  Mr and Madame Smith. In there Faith tries to escape the house running into another escape-e artist called Lisa. After being caught the two are thrown into slavery become best friends, eventually Faith doesn’t follow her master/mistresses orders and gets punished by being thrown into a darkened room containing 13 chained wolves. Unknown to Madame Smith Faith stole a precious key from her mistress’s pocket thinking it could be pawned for money.
However in the room with the wolves she finds out they need to escape the house and return Faith to where she belongs. Eventually they all escape and let loose the slaves in that house turning it into a full-scale riot. Faith and the wolves flee to nearby park where a portal hiding under a willow tree opens because of who Faith is. From there they’re all transported to the parallel world Crystal Dynasty. Upon arrival Faith meets Yuki (a master element wolf) and his companion Dreyzer (phoenix ghost) Yuki slightly explains about Faith being an Element Seeker and starts teaching her fire and how to ride a horse.
Suddenly the dark lord, Hiro, hears news of this and sends his loyal companions Cai and Hei Lei (wolf and dragon) to simply hand over Faith or die. Hei Lei destroys the temple Yuki and co live in sending the team into hiding. From there they meet Kyuubi, a fox who guides them through many terrains all the while Faith learns new elements. When they reach a rainforest, Faith and co get attacked by five dragons and a boy named Itachi. It turns out they’re sent by their master Spear who insists on protecting Faith from her uncle. Faith carries on learning about the elements and conquers riding once and for all, Itachi by then starts teaching her how to transform into her spiritual demon (wolf) by showing his (dragon). They live in peace until Yuki and Spear clash due past history and that’s when Faith finds out who she really is.
Ashamed and ridden with guilt Yuki leaves the group which leads Hiro into declaring war against the protagonists. Cai and Hei Lei join forces with Faith and set out to find Yuki with Dreyzer, meanwhile Itachi falls for Faith saying he will fight by her side. Spear doesn’t agree with this and imprisons him which leaves Faith and her wolves/remaining dragons to fight against the dark enemy.
Finally when the battle is just about to start Itachi breaks free and Yuki comes back to the battlefield with Cai and Hei Lei. Faith and Hiro finally come to the last duel- Hiro dies as does Spear by protecting Itachi and Faith. Faith is crowned the Queen of Crystal Dynasty and lives as a bringer of justice- leads to a sequel.
Elemental Wolves will be based on an rpg/platform gaming system with the influence of Okami (possibly creating brush techniques as the elements. Twilight Princess (Legend of Zelda) being able to combat during horse/ wolf and dragon back which would bring in (hopefully) a younger/ teen audience. Also like Abe’s Odyssey you must get through each level in order to proceed forward and you can’t go back to the level previous during story mode. As an added feature there should be a battle option where you can go against other characters in a head-to-head fight using any of the wolves, dragons, horses or main human characters – on the other hand the characters will only be accessible as soon as the player meets the character or completes a bonus mission.

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