Friday, 21 December 2012

Yuki's Memoirs Evaluation (Charlie)

Yuki's Memoirs Evaluation (Charlie)
Evaluating Eillisha’s Storyboard
Wow! Immediately after looking at Eillisha’s first part to her storyboard, I was very interested in her style of drawing and art work. It’s a very classical, yet unique approach to a comic strip- like appetence, so the unique factor of her work and her style really comes across as professional, and I am very impressed. Even though it doesn’t have much colour, her style makes up for it, but yet I think that her decision to not include colour was very wise as I think it would of made things look a bit messy and confusing. So overall, her art work and interpretation is very well executed, and I would say it’s professional.
The storyboard itself follows a story that Eillisha created a while back, so I already had a bit of background knowledge of what was going on, which benefited me a little bit while reading her storyboard, as it’s a very complex story with many different words which sound familiar, but I already knew what was going on. The particular part of the story you chose to include in your storyboard was very easy to grasp. It wasn’t a very hard plot to understand, simple and an enjoyable read. However I did have some confusion at first because some of the sentences didn’t link up correctly and sounded wrong. But then I realised you had to read it Right>Left which is another nice unique touch you decide to add, however for a few minutes I found myself a bit confused until I realised it was designed in this specific way. But overall, I love the design of the art work, the simplicity, the close up shots you did of some of the wolves, your use of dialog in the storyboard helped me interpret it a lot, so yes- another successful work you should be proud of! Well done!
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Charlie Cammack

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