Monday, 16 September 2013

Communication Presentation

Communication Presentation
Although this was not an assignment, it was a task given to us by Pete where we had to go home research a way of how we communicate instead of talking. The lesson that this was based off, was where we discussed how we communicate differently to other people. For instance if with our friends, how body language would be relaxed and our speech being improper or using slang compared to if we were talking to our teachers or boss (depending on the situation), we wouldn't be so relaxed- instead more focused on work. Plus our language would be proper English that's spoken correctly.

In the lesson I found it really interesting in looking for signs when people are lying and since then it's become extremely useful. Anyways the presentation that I had done was about spiritual communication, as I can speak to my spirit guides (which I've found all 9 now) and they help me in various situations which is why I done this powerpoint :)

Please do not abuse or destroy this powerpoint!

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