Monday, 16 September 2013

Graphic Narrative Assignment: Elemental Wolves

Graphic Narrative Assignment

This was my last assignment we had to do in order to complete the first year of our Diploma, it was not only the hardest but the most enjoyable to me. I've already uploaded the Temple Script here and most of my notes are in my book, so all that's left is to show the actual comic and it's characters. In a matter of two weeks I managed to finish all that script, put it into a comic and managed to do all my character's concept art as well as showing how they've progressed through time :)

Please do not copy my work as all is protected by copyright!

Early Works of Yuki, Spear, Dreyzer, Yangxin and Faith

Recent Works

Inside the Temple Comic (Digital)
Hopefully when I get some spare time I can do this properly by adding colour and shading. Please read from right to left, as it's based on a manga style.

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