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Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review
In our Monday lesson (Gaming Platforms) we've recently been handed out an assignment that contains a presentation on Legend Of Zelda series and it's gaming platforms.
(My notes on this will be out after my presentation has been given)
Before starting this assignment I had never played any Zelda games in my life, I heard great praise about them but I think at plenty of times in my life I was obessed with Spyro The Dragon series and no doubt Okami later on in life. Anyways I brought myself Spirit Tracks (second DS Legend Of Zelda ) It's not a bad game although I did get annoyed because I forgot to save my progress and well- had to repeated the darn thing! I think after finishing the presentation I really wanted to buy Twilight Princess because it had similarties to Okami and as an added bonus you could ride horseback.
Although I do know you can do this on Ocarina of Time but Twilight Princess looked cooler =^^=

Released :Novemeber 2006
Available on : Wii and Gamecube
Rated : 12 for fantasy violence/ horror
Personal Rating: 12
Twilight Princess revolves around an Ordon Villager who resides in the land Hyrule, Link at first, starts helping the villagers with ordinary tasks such as rounding goats, summoning hawks from the sky to either destroy a behive or rescue a baby cradle from a monkey. Saving a cat by fishing and simply destroying pumpikins and rocks to collect 30 rupees in order to gain a sligshot; entertaining the village children. It's here you discover how to ride Epona, use the lock on target for the sligshot and sword, climb and toss a goat. The trouble starts by one of the village children going missing on Link's day off and will lead you to the Dark Temple's entrance later on in the game. It's there you rescue the girl and the female monkey who will help you later on. One of Link's childhood friend's does take your horse to clean a slight leg wound giving you a scolding in the process, once you get through a tuneel and talk her over into letting you have your horse back to go to Hyrule, minions of Ganondorf appear and kidnap the girl and Colin the little boy knocking you out cold. Link then gets taken into the Twilight Realm and transformed into a wolf.
Waking up Link discovers he's a prisioner in one of Hyrule's dungeons and escapes with the help of Midna, an Imp, together they manage to get back to Ordon Village which is yet to be swarmed in darkness. The objectives here are to get a shield and sword using wolf techniques:
~sensing for holes and spirits
~dig- (similar to Okami)
After that you find out the Twilight Realm is slowly taking over Hyrule because they've captured the four spirits of Light. Going to the second form of Light, that shows features similar to a Tanuki, it takes you to a cutscene of these demonic creatures who've taken the Light source away from the creatures and you must restore this to all four in order to progress further.
~Sadly this is where I've gotten too :(
Reasons as to why I like it is definately because of the graphics compared to Spirit Tracks and not to mention it looks a lot more realistic than a chibi style. Second of all is the game plot behind Twilight Princess and it's gameplay because it continously wants me to proceed further and further to the points where I've forgotten to see to my dogs- it's that gripping! Then I suppose it's amazing features of summoning a hawk and not to mention the horse-back riding combat as well, it does look as though you are riding Epona when your not and the motion cycles of just about everything in the game is fluent which is an added bonus there!
Oh word of advice! When you come to get more oil for your latern make sure you have 20 rupees otherwise if like me you accidently took the oil, the bird will never forgive you and continously peck at you screaming your thief even though you try to pay him back after accidently stealing his goods- oh and dont fill your milk jar with oil! I thought I was being clever there but I've now made the jarn useless :(
Personally I feel as though there's a huge influence from Okami in a few situations although I'm only at the beginning of the game. First off if controlling Linki as a wolf, the main protagonist in Okami is Amaterasu who's in wolf form and you can control her. Second is being able to dig holes in order to finde treasure or go through buildings- Okami digs to also find treasure but to allow plants to surface so they can blossom and receive points. One of the main storylines in Twilight Princess is the revival of the four Light Gods whereas in Okami you must revive the 12 Celestial Gods in order to recieve brush techniques- so yeah those are my few similarties between the two. One thing I would like in Okami is to steal the merchant's goods just like you can in Twilight Princess :)
I would recommend this game to any fans of the LOZ, Okami, Pokemon , Sonic and RPG gamers purely and simply it's one of the best games yet that have caught my attention. However for those with a younger audience that's prone to night terrors of any sort- don't let them play this. They have actually said the game Twilight Princess is more of an adult game because the emotional themes and game display involved, which could be why they released a chibi version of the LOZ series on DS to regain a younger target audience in 2006.

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