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Elemental Wolves: Hiro Little

Elemental Wolves: Hiro Little

Hiro is the main antagonist in the story Elemental Wolves, being Faith’s Uncle he sought to destroy her at a young age along with her mother and farther Zora and Kushina Little who did perish. He follows the dark acts and at that time is the last remaining Element Seeker before Faith, his guardians at first are Cai (darkness wolf) Hei Lei (dragon) and Mids (horse)


He’s the last Element Seeker before Faith and her Uncle as well as Zora’s brother. Hiro is known as the ‘Black Destined’ purely and simply he’s not the darkest character in the series but follows under the Dark Lord’s orders, however he doesn’t appear in this part of the story.


Born in Crystal Dynasty and raised alongside Zora who were both brought up by their farther because their mother died at childbirth. Zora was given the power to befriend animals and turn into a wolf whilst Hiro had the opposite. Easily he could control the elements but could only shapeshift into a mythical equine. Although when he started to commit his sins, his form soon changed into a black unicorn covered in skeleton armour much like a dragon’s.


His birthday is 27/10/1965 born on a blood red moon- symbol of darkness dwelling, whilst Zora was born  a year later on 18/08/1966

Why/ How

Hiro was born on a blood red moon which was a symbol of darkness to the people living in Crystal Dynasty. His mother and farther raised him in amongst the palace walls constantly teaching him the wrongs from rights, combat and spells. When Zora was born Hiro couldn’t remember his mother dying because he was only a year old, however because Zora reminded their farther of their mother, the farther paid more attention to Zora than Hiro. This led Hiro to escaping the palace walls at the age of 18 in order to commit suicide.

He tries desperately to drown himself in the rapids and is sudden saved by a mysterious figure who tells him about how mother is died. Hiro felt nothing other than revenge and anger swearing himself and his services   to the Dark Lord promising him the throne.

Hiro never returned after that and allowed his farther to pass away through old age. The day after Faith is born he sends Zora’s wolf (Yuki) to kill the girl whilst leading a war against Zora and the citizens of Crystal Dynasty, after waiting for a while he storms back to the palace killing Kushina and faced off against Zora who hid Faith. After finding out minutes later Zora died and Yuki was now on the run with Faith to save her, he sends his army to capture and kill Yuki who teleports Faith into the real world giving the wolf the curse of immortality.


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