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Superheroes, Heroes and Villians Assignment: Elemental Wolves: Faith Little

Elemental Wolves: Faith Little
During my story deevelopment lesson we were asked to create a character preferably for a game we want to create later on. To be honest I created a story 3 years ago now and had a lot of the work deleted by my old laptop so since then I've been trying to re-write it. Sadly since I started my GCSE's it's been put on hiatus until now.  So because we had to great a protagonist I used Faith who's the heroine in Elemental Wolves- please bear with me her picture will follow soon.
Faith Little
Faith Little is a teenage girl who first of, roams the streets of Tokyo, Japan as a street orphan searching for a next meal by pick pocketing or looking in bins or empty tables in restaurants- never stealing food off people though. She’s then transport by 3 people to a Sekkusu house and manages to unlock a passage way, leading her to 14 wolves.  Escaping from the Sekkusu house unharmed, Faith and the Elemental Wolves go back to Crystal Dynasty to find out her real self and heritage.
Faith is an Element Seeker, keeper to learning all the different elements portrayed by 15 wolves as well as protecting the nature in this parallel universe and bringing peace during against the war: All Against All
She originally is born in Crystal Dynasty but to protect her from her Uncle’s destruction upon the realm, Zora her farther, deports his baby girl to Japan via Starlight saving a memory of himself and his wife so that when she returns, they would be there to see her and tell her the truth about her, still only as a memory.  Crystal Dynasty is a parallel world consisting of fantasy, animals and a few humans that choose to live in an olden way, even though date and timing is the same as modern day world.
In Earth the date and time are as now meaning that Crystal Dynasty is the same. Faith is 16 years of age so she was born on 18/12/1995 in Crystal Dynasty-being transported to Shrine in Japan where a couple took her in, previous before their death 10 years later.
Faith having more knowledge on how to survive the streets she uses this to make decisions in Crystal Dynasty. Having had no one to socialise with (shut away memories of her foster parents) Faith doesn’t become attached to people and closes herself from contact because people look down on her or with lust because she’s a lonely teenager walking the streets. This then means her view on love is abysmal, hence why in Crystal Dynasty she bonds easily with the wolves as her pack mates, her horse as a friend and Itachi (the boy) as an enemy at first.
The story towards the end, her mother Kushina takes Faith back to a war between her Uncle (Hiro) and her parents. In that memory, Faith finds out about Yuki’s past (the wolf who wields all elements) her heritage being the Princess of Crystal Dynasty and the face her Uncle Hiro is a traitor trying to imprison all those who stand against him and the darkness. Before this time people also find out about Itachi, Tsume, Cai, Hei Lei, Mids and her foal Star.

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