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Faith's Backstory (Story Development Homework)

DO NOT STEAL THIS CHAPTER (although I dont think anyone would because it's rubbish) BECAUSE IT'S PART OF MY STORY!!!~ thanks peeps! =^^=

Elemental Wolves by Eillisha Buccheri

Chapter ? : Memoirs of the Fallen

Yuki slowly arisen from his deep slumber upon a bed of malleable blankets, his left paw supported by small wooden splint hidden beneath the wispy ashen bandages. Two-toned rose eyes sluggishly forced themselves open, albino ears nervously flicked back and forth twitching at the slightest sound of the familiar voices outside the boxed room. Slightly putting pressure on his front paws, the canis lupis growled in annoyance at searing pain surging through his hopefully not broken ankle.

“Nice to see your awake”

Soft steps padded across from a nearby corner followed by radiating warmth.

“Nice to hear a welcoming voice” commented the wolf.

“That’s my speciality Yuki” it commented.

“Now now let’s not get hasty Dreyer” The ghost phoenix proudly stood in front of Yuki, eyes gazing on the appendage.

“You should be able to put pressure on it in a couple days’ time” she stated.

“You done this?” questioned Yuki. Dreyer shook her head, eyes meeting with her best friend’s gaze before turning them towards a shoji screen. The room around them illuminated with candles from every angle, barricading them in a slight semi-circle half way across the apartment. It was cosy for a solemn soul, one who liked the odd piece of company which is what Yuki is. A couple of weapons laid dormant near the exit along with some scrolls a few books. She had to admit reading was not an animalistic thing, yet credit where credit’s due the pallid wolf always had his big nose stuck in a book- or used to for that matter.

“No” the phoenix replied. “Faith and Itachi helped but something didn’t seem right” The canis lupid tilted his head slightly, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Dreyer copied her partner’s features. “What’s up with you?”

“What do you mean something didn’t seem right?” questioned Yuki. Dreyer shrugged unaware of the current situation.

“Well I don’t know…” she hesitated slightly, observing the wolf’s demeanour. “Her aura didn’t look right; it was red like she wanted to let something out, anger? I don’t quite know” Yuki closed his eyes for minute before attempting to arise again.

“But then she’s been busy riding Yangxin and coping with her training and that Itachi lad- ya know real typical teenage angst moments” Dreyer softly breathed a low tune stopping the wolf in his tracks.

“What happened, Yuki? What aren’t you telling me? Come on you know if I have a problem I tell you- spill the beans!” Yuki sighed, beautiful pink orbs locked on Dreyer’s lithe form, her translucent body lit by the nearby golden flickers of light. She pressed on, curious now of what had gone off.

“It’s not every day I see our fearless leader being carried by Baowu and Joey now is it?” That hit a nerve.


“Dreyer” his voice quivered slightly, hiding away what seemed to be an impending doom, confusing the young phoenix further. “Spear… he ambushed me when I went off to hunt that day”. Flashbacks of that day swamped his teenage mind; memoirs of facing up to that slimy red dragon made his stomach twist regrettably, the words of truth and acceptance about the incident danced around until all he could hear was his own voice reiterating.

Ha you don’t think that pathetic excuse for a seeker will find out the truth!” growled the crimson dragon, his body tense with excitement of the coming battle.

“She’s not pathetic” snarled Yuki still fixated in a defensive position, hackles raised and pearly white teeth bared in warning. “Faith is everything you’ll ever be! She’s a bloody good Seeker that has surpassed her farther-“

“Shut it” spat Spear

“- and she will become rightful heir to this land, Faith is the princess of Crystal Dynasty. Faith is your ruler and mine too” The dragon instantly lunged at the wolf aiming for his legs, Yuki launched himself into the air above narrowly missing the dragon’s attack before releasing an insignificant sphere of lightning upon the serpent. Countering it with an equal amount of fire, the dragon smirked as Yuki was forced through the clammy air landing harsh along a family of piercing, jagged rocks that relentlessly penetrated his sensitive flesh. Yuki immediately jumped back up into his fighting stance ignoring the agonising that spread across his right flank, like a dangerous disease taking hold over a person’s body. Lowering the front of his body down to the ground, paws outstretched feeling the dirt writhe underneath his claws, eyes knitted in pure concentration of tactics. The dragon charged over to the wolf letting loose an ear-splitting battle cries of harsh flutes being simultaneously blown on the highest note possible.

Yuki howled in unison over- powering the element of music himself, all the while waiting for the earth to respond to his call. Spear discharged an intimate fiery burst of flames towards where the ashen wolf lay.  In a spilt second the inferno clashed against ligneous ancient roots from below, sending sudden sparks across the mountain top, alighting tiny patches of grass that were scattered anonymously  around them as the vegetation twisted in vain from dragon’s flame. Jumping over burning stems, Yuki spun in mid-air lashing his twenty tails against his enemy’s right eye. Spear stumbled back in mixture of pain and alarm, rearing up on his hind legs, wings outstretched in an attempt to terrorize the canis lupis.

Smirking at the failed attempt and knowing the scaly serpent had a blind spot; Yuki bounced back up into the air above Spear’s head.

“Kai!” he commanded. Liquid from the nearby waterfall sprouted into long streams that danced around canine willingly awaiting his commands. Thrusting a paw towards the dragon below him, Yuki observed images the fluid moulded into. First a formation eagles diving for Spear like a fish before crashing into the earth next to him, rapidly transforming into a pack of wolves. In amongst the gorging wolves the body of the dragon disappeared into nothing more than smoke and ash. Silently Yuki landed amongst khaki shrubs that concealed his existence perfectly. Unexpectedly a vermillion tail holding yolk yellow feathers collided with the wolf’s side, throwing the canis lupis across the edge of the rock-strewn cliff where water freely cascaded into treacherous rapids.

Yuki whimpered in shock as he hastily clawed scorched terrain below him, desperately hoping he could cling on to something- anything; just as long as he didn’t fall. Malicious sinister laughs ricocheted across the mountains previously before drowning amongst the rushing water that descended below. Menacing golden orbs flared with pride and smugness gazing upon the weaker species. A bulbous encrusted paw bitterly landed on top of the wolf’s left paw slightly pressing weight against it. Spear lowered leisurely lowered his scaly head glaring at the ashen canis lupis who held that impending stare with his own. Yuki growled at self-satisfied smirk his opponent wore, feeling his fur slightly rustle from Spear’s breathing sending icy chills down his spine.

Little did either know, Faith concealed herself behind a prehistoric tree trunk taking in every aspect of the battle behind her; confused at why Spear, a guardian of Crystal Dynasty was attacking her mentor ruthlessly without an excuse to explain his actions. Yangxin nickered anxiously also witnessing the scene displayed before him, wanting nothing more than to gallop off into the distance and join Shun in the pasture, nibbling that sweet, oozing, fresh grass in the beautiful summer evening.

“Tell me traitor, if Faith is supposed to be the princess why hasn’t she banished you- or is she a traitor as well?” The grip on Yuki’s paw tightened making the wolf grimace.

“She doesn’t know” he breathed out in shallow gasps, his body giving slight spasms.

“Oh is that right? Tell me then why did you murder her parents allowing that scum, Hiro, to massacre not only the rest of my family, but hers and your pack of flea-bitten wolves family as well?” Spear forced all his pressure onto the left paw, twisting it forcefully until a sickening crack shadowed by discordant scream reverberated throughout the mountain range.

Faith’s stomach summersaulted at Spear’s interrogation setting loose a rampage of questions upon her innocent mind- did Yuki kill her parents and why? The sounds of Yuki voice whimpering brought her back to the real world.

“I-I didn’t know I was being used, I-I wanted my parents back..I was only a cub-“

“Silence!” screeched Spear. Without warning, Yuki spat out a fearsome jet of fire once again stunning Spear and making him free his grip from the wolf’s shattered paw, letting Yuki solemnly becoming entwined against the rushing current, exposing his form to the nearby rapids allowing himself the pleasure of slipping into an ecstasy of darkness.


“Yuki?” The ashen wolf snapped out of his daze and eyes Dreyzer. He cleared his throat from the oncoming lump that began to form.

“Fetch Faith for me”

“Yuki?” questioned the ghost phoenix.

“Please Dreyzer?” She nodded and effortlessly flew through the shoji screen to find Faith. Not long after her departure, the screen slightly slid across letting a decent amount of light scatter amongst the candle lit room; a silhouette stood still between the threshold of the hallway and Yuki’s room.

“You required to see me Sensei” The bowed graciously letting her brunette locks tumble across her petite shoulders towards tatami mat flooring. Yuki wagged his twenty tails in acceptance of her presence.

“Come sit by me Faith” Faith stood straight again for a second and cautiously moved towards the wolf. Yuki watched her intently, patting a cushion for her to park herself on. Instead the female kneeled down in front of the wolf, questioning spheres locked on his cherry eyes.

“Is there something you wish to tell me?” started Yuki. Without considering the outcome, Faith hurriedly shook her head.
“Don’t lie to me student” growled Yuki. Faith bit back her tongue, venomous thoughts flooding her mind.

“You want to know what Spear was talking about don’t you?”

“Hai” she whispered silently. Yuki gazed upon nearby candles not wanting to face his own student’s stare.

“Well let’s start from when you were born” Faith nodded eagerly. “As you know, you’re an Element Seeker and your role is to understand and control the 14 elements of life and befriend nature in any form” Again the girl nodded.

“Before you were born, your Dad who was the greatest ruler of this kingdom, rescued me from your Uncle’s monsters who murdered my parents. Zora raised me like a child and taught me about the elements as I am teaching you now. He and your Mother looked after me well and in the end I became one of the best knight’s under your Dad’s rule along with Spear. However one night I was on my way to the palace returning from a mission when I stumbled upon Hiro. He asked me to join him willingly in the understanding my parents would be brought back to life. In the end I left him and told Zora what had happened.

He told me it wouldn’t be possible and at first I agreed. Months passed by and I couldn’t help but wonder was Hiro really lying? So I snuck out at certain time in the day seeking Hiro’s offer. Your Uncle is a very clever man in the dark arts, he shown me how he could manipulate the body of a living creature by resurrecting them under his control. Then I started to doubt Zora’s words after seeing Hiro. Then you were born Faith, I remember your mother Kushina holding you tight against her and Zora hug you both with pride.”

“But why did you murder them Yuki?” growled Faith

“Patience Faith, when you were old enough to be left alone for a few hours, I took charge of that job and used to give you piggy back rides. Sometimes we would sit out under the cherry blossom trees watching the world drift by, other times I led you round the stables and let you stroke the equines there. But I still visited Hiro and not long after that Spear ratted me out. Your farther banned me from being near you and I couldn’t help but resent him.

So I ran away before the night of the Great War and joined forces with Hiro. My orders were to destroy your parents and I would have my parents and still look after you. On the night of the war I watched as Zora’s forces succumbed to the darkness. After a while I began to question where your parents were so I fled to the palace. When I got there your mother had been murdered by Hiro and your farther was slowly dying. He smiled when he seen me, stroked my face and revealed you to me. He told me as a last wish to transport you to the other world and stay there with you and that’s when I seen his memories of Hiro trying to kill you.

Instantly I ran out of the palace with you past the Forest of Miracles and even further than the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon with Hiro trailing behind us. The only way I could get you to the other world was by starlight and I did. You landed near a couple who took you in and raised you until you were 10 before they died and I was given the curse of immortality as a punishment. Since you landed on Earth Faith, I watched your every move waiting for the day you turned 16 and the portal to Crystal Dynasty would open once fate brought you to the wolves. Now your job is to over-throw the King and take your rightful place as princess of Crystal Dynasty”

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