Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Short Story: Amy Vs Hiro

Ok we were asked in Story Development to create a scene in group where one person uses their protagonist and the other uses their anatagonist. I created this before I start on making them as scripts so I have a better idea of how to use AC L Overlord's character Amy. Features my anatagonist Hiro :3

Dust clouds started to smoulder around the town of Acre, keeping the doors of villagers shut tight to hold out against the nearing dust storm. A solemn figure slowly rode through the middle of the cloudy barrier, his face and body concealed beneath the grips of his ebony shawl. A menacing snort erupted from his tobiano coloured mount as it was forced to walk between the dust barriers, flinging its head in annoyance at his master’s wishes. The sounds of the horse’s leisurely gait ricocheted throughout the seemingly deserted village as steel clashed upon cobbled stones. The pair trudged down numerous dingy alleyways where scaffolding and pottery threatened to rain down upon them, with every step they took as they closed in closer and closer to their awaiting destination.

Hastily tugging back on leather reins, the cloaked figure flawlessly dismounted his beautiful stallion cautiously stepping towards an ancient mud-bricked building. Its exterior seemed nothing out of the ordinary, pieces of bricks eroded away revealing a couple of the inside walls, momentary straw fragments broke away from their thatched domain whilst a wooden door, free off one of the hinges, moaned indignantly at being rocked forth and back by the cunning wind. Kicking down the door with ease, the man coughed slightly as dust remnants attacked his nasal system, he looked around the room which literally contained nothing but a few books that lay dormant near a tattered rug. As the hooded figure slightly crept amongst the room, the faintest sound of pressure being applied upon the roof resonated from the wood-worm ridden beams followed by a softly spoken string of curses; as though the scaffolding in the building were talking.

A harsh whinny beckoned the male back outside to his horse as it wildly tossed its head back, rearing maliciously as a pack of stones were hurled at the duo. Quickly glancing towards the roof, the man noticed a flash of brunette try to disappear from the roof tops, without warning he grabbed hold of his animal kicking it harshly in the ribs now giving chase to the female figure.

Amy sprinted forward jumping aimlessly across roof tops, dodging small knives that erupted from the man below. She knew they were closing in on her yet she had the ace up her sleeves, this terrain she knew like the back of her hand nothing could stop Amy from achieving the unachievable. Without warning threads of straw that were one taught shattered before Amy’s foot, giving way to her lithe bodyweight as she tumbled down to the grubby floor of a another deserted building. The female gasped incredulity from the sharp, twisted burning emitting from her right ankle as she valliant tried to stand up. Taking a closer inspection, Amy noted it was slight bent in awkward pose revealing to the possibility it could be broken.

Her breath hitched at cold metallic spear point raised against her windpipe.

“Tell me where the item that holds the mysterious power is, or you shall suffer an extremely slow, painful and vile execution” smirked the two toned blue and violet haired man.  

“Go to hell Hiro” spat Amy
Also the Cables and Components assignment will be up soon :)

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