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Assignment EA Today~ Cover Letter and CV (Task 3)

Assignment EA Today~ Cover Letter and CV (Task 3)
By: Eillisha Buccheri

Junior-Midweight 2D Artist/Animator - Fantastic Gaming Company –London

Location: London, South East

Salary: Unspecified

Date posted: 01/11/12 11:08

Job type: Contract


 Contact: Rebecca Ferrara

 Ref: Totaljobs Job ID: 54979032


My client are a well-established gaming company and are looking for a Junior to Mid Weight 2D Artist/Illustrator to join their team. There are both FREELANCE and PERMANENT opportunities for this role.

Essential skills:

·         Flash Animation

·         Digital Illustration            

·         Experience designing flash banners

Ideally you will have experience in character design and graphics for gaming. However this is not essential.

Day rate and salary is flexible! Sound like you? CV and portfolios to rebecca.ferrara@ecomrecruitment




Concept Artist


Black Rock Studio is currently looking for a Concept Artist to join the team at the Brighton-based studio. The studio, best known for award-winning titles such as the MotoGP series on Xbox 360 and PC and the multi-million selling ATV Offroad Fury 3 & 4, is now developing new-gen original IP racing games and looking for talented and passionate racing game enthusiasts to join the teams on these innovative Xbox 360 & PS3 projects.


The Role:



The Black Rock team are looking for highly motivated, talented and creative individuals with honed fine art skills and the ability to illustrate concepts quickly. As a concept artist you will be part of a vibrant and passionate team creating environments through sketches, storyboards and full colour artwork.


Key Responsibilities:


As part of a wider conceptual art team you will be expected to deliver industry leading look and feel pieces in order to help define and drive forwards the look development and vision for the studios new and exciting IP.


Education / Qualifications:



·         A Bachelor degree in fine arts, architecture, or film. Various degrees of education and experience will be considered provided the applicant's portfolio demonstrates the following requirements:

·         A versatile and exceptional 2D portfolio.

·         Excellent drawing and painting skills in traditional mediums and or digital illustrations.

·         Exceptional and proven understanding of lighting, colour theory and composition.

·         Excellent fundamental art skills.

·         Experience in production creating environment ‘Look and Feel’ concepts.

·         Demonstration of a concept’s evolution from rough sketches through to final full colour illustrated ‘Look and feel’.

·         Any experience of working with storyboards would also be a distinct advantage.

·         The ability to convey atmosphere and mood through light and colour.


Key Skills / Experience / Essential Requirements:

Strong desire to work on environmental concepts.

•Willing to work closely in a cross discipline collaborative and creative team environment

•Creativity, motivation, enthusiasm, flexibility, adaptability.

•A firm grasp of colour theory, lighting and composition is a must coupled with a drive and a passion for your art.

•A true passion for video games.

•Knowledge of multiple art styles and techniques, able to draw inspiration from a wide range of traditional artists. .

•Versatility to work everything from environments through to characters, and in any genre / style is an advantage.

•Up-to-date knowledge of computer illustration software packages, e.g., Photoshop and/or Painter.

•Familiarity or experience with 3D programs and 2D vector-based art applications is a plus.

•Ability to create a large volume of high quality concept art within short time frames.


How to apply:


- Please email your resume to


Eillisha Amelia Buccheri

Since I was little I always enjoyed watching anime and trying to draw the characters of my favourite shows like Pokemon and Digimon. On the other hand I didn’t try to improve my art or take the subject seriously until I was ten years old because, from a young age I had a fascination of animals- especially dolphins. Since then I’ve continuously tried to improve my work by expanding on art subjects such as: backdrops, realism, surrealism, flowers, pop art, animals, music, anime and manga. To illustrate my work, I use a variety of traditional and digital mediums having experience in speedpainting and animation by using programs like Photoshop and Sony Vegas. I’m also knowledgeable in using Wacom Bamboo Tablet software.

For my gaming experience I again started off at a young age delving into Oddworld series, Nokia Snake, Spyro The Dragon series, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot and Pokemon. I’ve mainly been a Pokemon fanatic buying each new series that released including Mystery Dungeon, Ranger and Dash versions as well as every single Spyro game that was released; apart from Skylanders. Gaming is another passion of mine as I enjoy a lot of art styles and the stories behind the games, which to me feels like reading a book -only I don’t have to visualise the images and I choose my motives as the character, sometimes reflecting on how the game could be better.

Currently I’m a gaming student at Confetti Technology Industry college who collaborate with Antenna, South Nottingham College and Du Montford Leicestershire University. At the age of 14 I had an art exhibition in Nottingham’s Yo Sushi restaurant, whilst also displaying some images in Dee Dee’s, Eastwood. I’ve won art competitions on Deviant Art and Utterly Horses earlier this year and gained awards for Art, English, Physical Education, French and LRC during my time at my secondary school: Kimberley Comprehensive, where my work has also been displayed including pieces from DT and Graphics. I’ve been asked to attend Gifted and Talented sessions just before I started Secondary School (July 2007) and in Year 10 (February 2011). As an added note I was asked to come in and teach the IT staff of Kimberley Comprehensive how to do ‘ Stop Motion’ Animation on Serif X3- may I also put all digital experience including animation and video editing I’ve learnt by myself studying it now for around 3-4 years.

Besides gaming and art, I help my Mum run the family business of dog walking, boarding, rescue and rehabilitation where I’ve been asked/ recommended to other people for my services. Sometimes I help out at local livery yards with their horses and I owned/ rescued an ex-race horse myself so I understand more in horse care than I do riding, I sometimes rescue aviary birds including parrots and hope to start a falconry course soon, plus I’ve taken on six terrapins where four of them were rescued. Before I stopped in February 2011 I was a professional ice-skater, training in disciplines figure and synchronised skating. I’ve won bronze in international and silver in national competitions, both my coaches used me as examples for other skaters who were learning new techniques or helping them during sessions. I’ve also helped other skaters accomplish higher motives in this sport before I left, where they are now competing in both national/international rivalries.


Holleywell Primary School (SATS)

·         Level 5- English

·         Level 5- Science

·         4a- Maths

Kimberley Comprehensive Secondary School (GCSE’s)

·         Maths- C

·         English- B

·         Science- B

·         IT- Merit

·         Graphics- B

·         Geography- B

·         French – A

·         Art- A

Confetti Technology Industry College (Currently Studying)

·         Level 3 Extended Diploma in Gaming and Creative Media



Ø  Adobe Photoshop 6,7, CS2, CS4, CS5         (Experienced)

Ø  Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and 10        (Experienced)

Ø  Adobe Flash   (Advanced)

Ø  Serif 9 and X3  (Experienced)

Ø  SAI  (Intermediate)

Ø  Livebrush (Beginner)

Ø  Art Range (Intermediate)

Ø  Pencil (Beginner)

Ø  Windows Movie Maker (Experienced)

Ø  Sony Vegas Pro (Intermediate)

Ø  Hypercam 1 and 2 ( Advanced)

Ø  Autodesk Maya (Beginner)

Ø  Wacom Bamboo Tablet (Advanced)


Ø  Tonal and Coloured Pencils (Sketching and Colouring) (Experienced)

Ø  Watercolours  (Intermediate)

Ø  Acrylic (Intermediate)

Ø  Gouache (Intermediate)

Ø  Oil Pastels (Beginner)

Ø  Charcoal/ Chalk (Intermediate)

Ø  Soft Pastels (Intermediate)

Ø  Coloured Inks (Intermediate)

Ø  Pens/ Copic Markers (Experienced)

Ø  Clay/ Garden Wire/ Milliput ( fixing Breyers and creating models) (Beginner)

Ø  Spray painting (Intermediate)

Ø  Paper mache and making masks (Intermediate)



o   I usually meet deadlines and I’m prepared to give up outside hobbies and work later hours.

o   I feel as though I’m good at communication and sometimes taking the lead-role/ helping and advising others

o   Happy to present work or start off presentations

o   I plan out my work based on time limits so others can clearly see my progress as well as me.


At the moment I partake in few hobbies that keep me busy, if I’m not completing homework in time for its deadline. My job normally keeps me on my toes because as I said before I help my Mum run the family business of dog services, whilst I sometimes take on little projects of rehabilitating birds/ terrapins.  Other times I just enjoy helping horse owners out with their equines so I can gain further experience for when I hopefully retire setting up a rescue centre in Ohio, America, for ex-race horses in general but for other breeds as well including companions and Shetland Ponies.

Art is maybe one of my biggest hobbies in life with drawing and sketching being the most common. Even though I love animation I try to perfect my skills on paper, before I probe into the digital world using a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet so that my hand is more steady when drawing line art. Paints and soft pastels are probably my second favourite mediums when bringing life into my pieces, although I do experiment with other art tools. Currently for about two years I’ve gained an interest in model horses by buying broken ones, fixing them up using acetate (or moulding them new parts using wire and milliput), customising them and selling them as customisations or one of a kind pieces. Otherwise I enter photo competitions online and try to capture realistic photos using my models, at the moment I’ve always placed and even won reserve/ champion titles on Youtube.

(These can be found if you type in my old Youtube name: Wildxicexdragon and look under Breyer Results)

Writing has been another passion even before I got obsessed with art. Currently I have 6 stories on the go, one is in planning stage (Racetrack Spectrum), one is hopefully going to be a manga (Secret Gaurdians), another is Fanfiction (Remaining Memoirs- Beyblade) and the other three are eventually being written or re-written (Yin and Yang: Entwined Lupis, Saki of Miu and Elemental Wolves). My nose at some points in my life was constantly in a book and still is, regardless of whether it’s manga or normal literature. My favourite genres are teenage romance, fantasy and comedy which reflect in movie and sometimes game choices. On the other hand I do sometimes buy games because the art style looks amazing or it has good reviews, usually I’m an RPG/Platform gamer sometimes playing on MMORPG types such as Zwinky but mainly Howrse. I do enjoy though trying different genres of games but I prefer ones that have a story to follow through, where we sympathise and understand the character in depth.

In the future though, I aspire to complete my extended diploma in Confetti and move onto a foundation degree in gaming in the same institution as I am now. Hopefully gaining a spot in a masters/bachelor’s degree in Leicestershire/ Oxfordshire University for animation, concept art, storyboard art or even game developing, my dream job would be to become a famous animator going freelance or working with Studio Ghlibi, Tokyo Pop and maybe Disney.



Attached to this CV will be a few links to some online ‘references’, otherwise I have an email from one of the IT staff at Kimberley Comprehensive for teaching them animation and a few people who could be contacted.

Outgoing Links:


·         Lawrence Veterinary, Eastwood Nottingham- Ask for Richard and say it’s Jaye’s daughter (Dog walking reference)


·         Capital One Ice Arena, Nottingham- Ask for coaches Tina- Tedder Graham or Andrea Mccully (Ice-skating/ work reference)



·         Kimberley Comprehensive School, Kimberley- Ask for Miss Walters (English), Miss Taylor (Art), Madame Tenreiro (French) or ask any member of Science staff (Work/ education reference)


·         Confetti Technology Institution College, Nottingham- Ask for Chris Jackson (Work/ education reference)



·         Three Ponds Pub, Nuthall- Ask for Jodie or Alice and say it’s Jaye’s daughter (Dog walking reference)


·         Johanna- 01158402 (General reference)

·         Kathy- 0790639 (Dog walking reference)

·         John- 07711389 (Horse care reference)


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