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Chosen Industry Assignment: Animator

Why I Want To Become An Animator
When I was little I loved watching a lot of Pokemon and Digimon and tried to draw a lot of my favourite characters, even though they looked nothing like they on tv- then again I was only little and I started to hate art from there. This carried on until around Year 5 when I started taking art seriously because I was able to draw dolphins that were recognizable and from their I got a little creative and started practising different animals as well TMNT characters.
In secondary school I finally found out what anime and manga was and delved into Fruits Baskets and Beyblade fanfictions on Fanfiction.Net and the thought of being a manga artist suddenly exploded in my mind. Whatever spare time I had left after my chores and homework I would continuously draw until early morning….or when I decided to sleep for that matter.  Before long I started trying to create a manga known as Secret Guardians instantly showing it to my art teacher, explaining that I wanted to be a manga artist even though they greatest piece of art I had then, looks so uncontrollably crap it’s hilarious even for me. My art teacher questioned why I wanted to pursue this career and I remember saying I can’t stop drawing, it’s become such a passion I can’t let it go. She then told me to try animation and after teaching myself how to use an old version of Serif I became hooked and once again another door opened to a new beginning.
Since year 8 I taught myself without any help how to animate using Serif as my primary animation program to high-tech ones like Adobe Photoshop 6 to now where I use CS5 Photoshop. Each frame would be hand-drawn again using an onion layer, rendered and then placed in Windows Movie Maker/Sony Vegas Pro for the motion fluently. As time passed my drawings became clearer and soon I started finding shortcuts and different effects on Adobe to least make my work presentable. Even though I did mini animation tests, my first animated ‘story’ was for a Year 9 RE project called: Stop Killing Endangered Animals and Close Illegal Dog Fights.
Why Did I Choose This Role?
Since I was told to have a go at animation I fell in love with it instantly and in the past I’ve tried to animate another one of my stories: Elemental Wolves. Now I’m just back to practising Photoshop techniques and motion cycles~ especially horses due to their front legs moving like humans, whilst their back legs move like an ostrich when walking. Sometimes I will video record some of my pets to try and break down their movement cycles.
What Appeals To You?
It would be the continuous drawing, breaking down the cycles, maybe having a tantrum because I don’t know a paw or a leg isn’t moving correctly and your laptop breaks down. Then when it’s all finished you can watch your work in happy tears knowing full well what you’ve achieved and what you can do with a little more practise. I really want to become a famous animator regardless whether it’s CGI or 2D (rather do 2D though) and work with Hayao Miyazki in Studio Ghibli, Japan. Otherwise work for anime producers like Tokoyo Pop and such. My personal favourite for animating would be a wolf because they seem like one of the most easiest things to actually breathe life into and when you get the hang of drawing them, they are one of the stress-free things to draw on to your computer without having to scan work in.
Another thing would be making the scenes and movements become really realistic as though you’ve taken your mind, and displayed it on the computer before you for the whole world to see. When I animate, draw or even write as I am now music makes up a lot of my imagination where during a song I can see my characters interact- weird I know. One major downside would be it’s a very popular job among artists and even gamers so it can be really competitive and you’re not given a secured job.
What Skills Will You Need?
Personally I feel it depends on the animation job, like for gaming people there must be knowledge in 3D modelling using programs like Maya or 3D Max for CGI work whereas with a Studio Ghibli film it would be mainly 2D and hand drawn apart from some exceptions. I think for an overall animator that can do both CGI and 2D they must have:
·         Knowledge in high-tech animation programs (Autodesk Maya, maybe Photoshop?)
·         Be able to break down motion cycles
·         Have a good understanding in physics- 24 frames equal to one second
·         Be prepared to indulge in a lot of stress, over-hours and impending deadlines
·         Take criticism into consideration to improve
·         Have some art knowledge at least or be an artist in a similar media other than digital
·         It must be a passion and something that you know you want to pursue
·         Work hard and extra
·         Be able to have technological knowledge and work a drawing tablet
·         Bilingual~ learn Japanese for definite
Animation Job Advertisements
‘Studio Ghibli is hiring in the areas of animation, background art, and finishing (digital painting). Gender, school education, experience and nationality are not considered, but it is necessary to have strong Japanese language skills to communicate with the staff.The announced starting salary is 167,000 yen (US $1,401.13) per month plus travel expenses for a nine-month training period beginning in April 2004 and work hours from 10am to 6pm with overtime and holidays.Applications close September 8th, 2003, for animation and ten days later for background and finishing. Further details, in Japanese, are available here.
~ Studio Ghlibi job offers (Accessed from
Cycles Animator-REDWOOD CITY
‘Responsible for creating loop-able motion segments for secondary characters. Takes verbal and written notes and turns them into high-quality character animation while simultaneously working within the technical confines of cycle animation. Animates believable motion mechanics, timing, emotions, and performance from scratch. Adds to animation that comes out of a simulation engine to achieve a performance that is more faithful to the directors vision. Works closely with Head of Crowds, Head of Character Animation, Crowd shot artists, and Crowd developers. Attends sequence breakdowns, crowds dailies, and reel reviews and may also participate in motion-capture sessions.
"Must have an excellent artistic eye. Must have ability to animate believable motion mechanics, timing, emotions, and performance. Must be able to fulfill production quotas for blocking and final passes. Must be able to learn and effectively use proprietary tools and pipeline. Prior cycle animation experience is desirable. Experience with Linux, Motion Builder, Maya, motion-capture data processing, and Rigging is desirable. Understanding of appropriate range of motion for a high-volume of instances is desirable. Understanding of basic principles of procedural animation and other ways that the cycle will be used in the crowd simulation is desirable. Understanding of the technical limitations in regards to the character rigs or the method of animation required to turn out usable data in the simulation software is desirable.’
Walt Disney Animation Studios is hiring CG animators!
‘The Animation Department at Walt Disney Animation Studios is expanding the team in Burbank, CA!  If you create character animation of the highest caliber and demonstrate exceptional understanding of weight, locomotion, anatomy, dialog, acting, appeal, and entertainment, take a look at our studio.  Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, and our next film, Frozen, pursue excellence in animation performance.   If you’ve been on the fence, wondering if the time is right to try something new, challenging, and rewarding, the time is now. Come see what we’re all about and decide for yourself.  
•Create vivid and compelling character performances that make millions of people laugh, cry, tremble in fear, and cheer in victory
•Work closely with the film’s Director, Animation Supervisor, and Supervising Animators to establish the style of movement and personality for the characters in the film
•Animate shots in a professional and timely manner
•Bachelors degree or equivalent experience in Animation, Art, Fine Art, Illustration, Film, Computer Graphics, or related field
•Experience on 3-5 CG feature film productions
•Superior acting and staging skills
•Ability to tastefully exaggerate actions and emotions
•Strong understanding of anatomy, perspective, and composition
•Ability to solve problems of weight, balance, and movement
•Proficiency with the principles of animation and the dynamics of animals and human figures in action
•Work should emphasize storytelling and the ability to define character personality along with fluid/organic movement
The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.’
 Picture Bibliography
Youtube videos are all mine. First two are on my old Youtube account (Wildxicexdragon) and the speedpaint is on my new Youtube account (KawaiixFukuro). I do own my artwork and these videos/speedpaint/animations. I do not by any means own the music nor do i make a profit from it.

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