Thursday, 2 May 2013

Artist Statement

My whole life I’ve wished for one thing to happen to me during my time, I’ve always wished to fly like a bird by sprouting wings of my own and taking flight into that vast azure field of freedom, to experience the adrenaline rush of being high above the clouds or slowly gliding along the gentle night’s breeze during summer time. Throughout my life alive I’ve only felt this ‘freedom’ during moments that simply ‘come- and- go’, once galloping on horse-back through the fields and other times in ice-skating. With art it feels as though I can let go of whatever ‘baggage’ I’ve been carrying, allowing what I want to ‘pop-up’ on pages instead of staying in my head; I think this is the reason why I draw or animate, just to be free from society.
People who’ve inspired are my family, especially my Nanna. Before she passed away we would always watch birds early in the morning, trying to guess what type it was and sometimes judge on whether they were old or young. She also used to tell me about her fascination of Shire horses and how she never went near one because my Nanna was scared, or the times  she wanted a ‘Lassie’ dog, Sheltie, Pomeranian or Papillion because they looked lovely and truly beautiful. That sadly stopped as I grew older wanting to explore the world further, then when she was passing away I remember giving her my cockatiel’s tail feathers telling her she’ll live- but then cancer decided to take her away from us. When I look back at my drawings now I find birds, horses or even dogs of some sort appear because my Nanna gave me something wonderful, she gave me the power to admire and observe natural beauty compared to something like machines. I guess that also lead me to animals being another strong influence in my work, not just because of my Nanna but because they’re stunning or interesting creatures that seem so ‘free’ from this ‘human hierarchy’ that it’s amazing. Sometimes I let my dreams flood the paper because of my spirit guide: Hilfnalphe showing me I can overcome fears or letting me keep memoirs that I hold dearly or seem interesting.
Usually I prefer to work with tonal pencils, soft pastels, coloured crayons, milliput and acrylics for traditional methods whilst sometimes I create my work digitally with Photoshop or SAI, depending on whether it’s just for an image or an animation.  I aspire to one day be known as a famous animator working freelance or alongside Hayao Miyazki in Studio Ghlibi or studios like Dreamworks and Disney.
I’ve won awards with drawings on Deviant Art, Utterly Horses (which are model horse enthusiasts and so am I), Youtube for my Breyers and photography, then a few years back I’ve had an art exhibition in Nottingham’s Yo Sushi for two to three weeks and won the Art award at my secondary school, along with having Gifted and Talented letters to join certain activities for a day or a week.
                                                                                                                                                         ~Eillisha Buccheri

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