Sunday, 23 September 2012

Improving Productivity Using IT Assignment: Updates and Risk Assements

Hello Peeps!
                   Our next assignment was to draw upon risk assessments that occur in creative industries that we learnt in last Friday's  lesson with Jo. I decided to create a studio working in animated movies and gaming called:
~ Kawaii Fukuro Studios.

Basically it's Cute Owl Studios in Japanese- what's cuter that chibi owl? :)

Actually nothing to do with this subject- my cockatiel (Bobby) is obsessed at the moment by calling herself a 'clever Bobby', whilst my Regent is puffed up like a Pigeon- ha lol he ate the pigeon!

Back from Eillisha's random world.

So yes I've just finished that, to be honest I found the last three risks that can happen in a gaming/ animating studio, hard to think of. I will eventually set up my assignments on a personal website so I can link them on here- then again there's always copy and pasting.

In my seminar with my personal tutor, Chris Jackson, we discussed what games we were playing at the time; mine being Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks. One game we did mention was Darksiders- something I've wanted to play since it was advertised but because I only have :
~Nintendo DS Lite
~Gameboy Color

I can't. So the phrase that's stuck in my head from that is:

'This is no place for a horse'

Since then when I help out at a local yard with their horses I went around saying that in the fields and stables- told you I was nuts! So yip, instead I played Shadow The Hedgehog with my little brother, I remember playing it when I was around the age of 9-10 but now I can hardly control Shadow because he 'glides' too fast- how sad. Then today I got bored of Cluedo and housework I watched my brother play Pokepark: Pikachu's Adventure. In my opinion the graphics and the story line look great (well they do as well in the second game) and run cycles are good (apart from Ponyta and Rapidash) but I feel it's quite simple with doing tasks and 'attractions'. On the other hand one could argue it's a children's game so it's meant to be like that.

I really need to finish off my DS games. So far I have to complete:
~ Professor Layton and the Lost Future
~Final Fantasy III
~Final Fantasy- The 4 Heroes Of Light
~Kingdom Hearts 358/7 Days
~Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks

Then I want to but the sequel to Okami which is Okamiden. I hope it lives up to Okami and exceeds it otherwise it just wouldn't be right for all the Okami fans out there. Oh wells until next time folks!


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