Thursday, 20 September 2012

Introduction: Ok...

Hello! Ok I'm fairly new to this kind of 'blogging' thing, to me it's like a diary but online- no need for pen and paper anymore *chucks old diaries out the window* Now back to the commercials :)

Right reasons for creating a blog is down to becoming a recent student at Confetti Studios (college) for gaming. Yip good old (well new) GS12!  So we have to keep a blogging account to write about all the relevant things from our experiences (which are turning out to be hilarious and exciting!)

To be honest I much prefer Deviant Art to Blogger, then again I'm creating my own website (when I get through all this art) and start spamming that with BLOGS! Yippers- I'm insane.

~Ha! Terrapin fell off his floating log instead of getting his food- yip madness!

So getting back to the point... our recent homework was to create a review for our favorite game. I'm not a gamer who goes for stuff like Call Of Duty or Assassins Creed- I'm more the Legend Of Zelda, Professor Layton, Final Fantasy and Spyro The Dragon person- well thing.

Okami became my victim after playing it on/off for three years! oWO Totally enjoyed that game with it being, to me, perfect in every aspect down to the tiniest detail. What more could you want when the best interaction is drawing the attacks on enemies (Cherry Bomb- personal favorite) for doing a hand- to - hand combat not only having 3 different weapons as arsenal but being a wolf as well!

I think I'll leave this post for now folks, until next time.
Jar Neigh!

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