Monday, 14 July 2014

Last Day

The last day of Confetti for me was Tuesday 1st July 2014 and then our showcase on the 3rd. Looking back I feel as though the last two years of my life has gone within 'a blink of the eye' - so to speak. Compared to the other schools I've been through, Confetti has been one of the best life changing experiences for me.

I've made many great new friends who all share similar interests with me along the way, I finally got to go to MCM London conventions in cosplay and all in all I've felt myself become more confident with the world around me. Sadly I've decided not to stay at Confetti and have planned to take a BA (Hons) Animation course at Norwich University of Arts, however even though I'm travelling down south I won't forget the amazing times I had with everyone at Confetti and I hope all of your get your dream jobs :)

Whether I make another blog similar to this at university- who knows? Thank you to everyone who has actually been reading every post made, I honestly hope you've learnt something from my ramblings ^^; For now though, if you wish to keep updated with what I'm doing then please head over to my Deviant Art or Youtube account.

Until then peeps, best wishes and good luck! :)

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