Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shun Gokuy Satsu Assignment: 3D Environments

3D Environments
As we are modelling 3D environments for our Renpy game, I’m planning the designs in the scenes in  Elemental Wolves. So far during the coding I’ve calculated that there should be 9 environments that will take the story to where Faith gets transported to Crystal Dynasty and the real madness begins. Until there most of my backgrounds will be created around realistic scenes or landmarks.
About Chosen Scenes
The start of the game is created around Osaka and it’s streets as well as the famous Osaka Park, where a cherry tree festival is held every year. Along with that I’ve been looking down English alleyways, dead-ends and certain designs of housing structure that are around where I live. In a way I feel as though I’m not discriminating the Japanese with what happens to Faith if I throw in some English buildings, another good thing is that the gamers get a good mix of different cultures building structures.

As you can see in the nine scenes I hopefully plan to model a little for my Renpy game, a lot of the assets will be re-used for certain places. Osaka Streets, Alleyways, Deadend and maybe Dungeon will have relations with each other. Madame and Lord Smith’s room and possibly the corridors are going to be designed quite similar. Osaka Park is the only one that seems different from the rest, assets such as lampposts, bins, benches and maybe the odd vehicle will be used for this scene. I plan for all this to be presented below.
Copyright can be a tricky situation when designing a level as most designs have been taken or we feel influenced to take pieces from them. In my designing I’m going to try and steer away from gaming environments and move towards a more realistic approach by taking into consideration what environments are like in real-life and then draw them in my style as I already have ideas of how things are supposed to look.
If however I was to take a piece of a gaming environment and use it in my game I would be breaching copyright by claiming it as my own. So in order to stop this I’m giving references to what I’m making, created a bibliography for anything in order to help create my scene and whatever I’ve created declare it as mine.
Most of my environments have been pretty much made up over the few years I’ve been trying to animate my story; Elemental Wolves. However I’ve done some more research, as shown above into how I can possibly add more of an authentic Japanese/ English style. Already I’ve sketched out all my scenes apart from the Deadend as one of the Alleyway sketches pretty much show how it’s going to be. Also because my backdrops are based off Japanese/English buildings I will have to change them so they don’t look exactly like the real-thing, which is where my old ideas for the scenes come in. So basically they’re half-representing the real thing and half from my own imagination which gives the assets and scenes a bit more creativity.
Polycount and Resolution
When making models we have to watch the polycount, as if it’s too high then it will disrupt the game as it will take too long for a model to render and if it’s too low then the model doesn’t look any good. For our Ren’py however, we don’t have a limited set of polycounts because we are only using a still image (JPEG), of what we’ve modelled which won’t affect Ren’py. On the other hand we have to take into consideration the resolution of the image, my Ren’py is set to 800x600 pix, meaning all my images from both modelling and Photoshop have to be that size in order for the image to fit correctly in my scene.

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